Wishlist Tracker

Notion Wishlist Tracker Social Image
Notion Wishlist Tracker Social Image

Dream It. Track It. Achieve It. Your Journey to Turning Desires into Reality!

Effortlessly manage, categorize, and prioritize your desires with an intuitive interface that simplifies the path from dreaming to achieving.

Key Features:

Basic Version

  • Wishlist Management: Efficiently organize and track all your desires in one central hub.

  • Wishlist Tags Management: Categorize wishes using tags for a structured approach.

  • Quick Add Panel: Easily add new wishes with a convenient quick-add panel.

  • Filter by Price, Sort by Price, and Priority: Tailor your wishlist based on price, sort preferences, and priority.

Pro Version

  • Everything in Basic Version

  • Filter by Tag: Instantly filter wishes by tag with just a single click.

  • Comparison Interface: Make informed decisions with a comparison interface to weigh the pros and cons of each desire.