Finance OS

Notion Finance OS Social Image
Notion Finance OS Social Image

The All-In-One Superhuman Financial Manager to manage all your finances!

Finance OS is a cutting-edge Notion template designed to revolutionize your financial management. Streamline your income, expenses, budgets, and savings with ease, all in one comprehensive platform. Achieve financial wellness with organized and insightful management. This template is designed to allow users to easily manage all finances with zero learning curve, even if you have never used Notion before.

Key Features:

  • Income Management: Track and categorize various income sources effortlessly.

  • Expenses Management: Monitor and manage expenses for a clearer financial picture.

  • Financial Account Management: Centralize and organize all financial accounts seamlessly.

  • Monthly Budget Management: Plan, track, and optimize your monthly budget effortlessly.

  • Project Budgeting: Allocate funds strategically for specific projects.

  • Savings Fund Management: Establish and achieve savings targets for a secure future.

  • Wishlist and Purchase List Management: Keep track of desired purchases and manage your spending.

  • Financial Goal Management: Set, track, and achieve your financial milestones.

  • Subscriptions Management: Stay organized with recurring subscription tracking.

  • Transferable: Easily transfer between Account and Savings Fund

  • Automated Monthly Report Generator: Generate detailed reports for comprehensive financial insights automatically.

  • Net Worth Tracker: Monitor your overall financial standing and wealth accumulation.

  • Debt Tracker & Repaid Reminder: Effectively manage and remind yourself of debt repayment schedules.

  • Investment Tracker: Track and analyze your investment portfolio for informed decisions.

  • Mobile View: Access and manage your finances on the go with a mobile-friendly design.

  • Insightful Dashboards: Each manager features an Insight Dashboard for a visual overview of your financial situation.

Why Choose Finance OS?

Experience financial management like never before. Finance OS offers a user-friendly interface, powerful features, and insightful dashboards, empowering you to take control of your finances effortlessly. Different from many other templates, all mentioned features and systems are integrated rather than independent. All systems mutually influence and interact with each other. You don't need to manually add cash as an asset to your Net Worth after adding funds to the Financial Account—everything is seamlessly integrated into one system. This eliminates the fragmented feel of previous systems, ensuring a cohesive and unified experience.

Is this really worth $59?

William C. Brown once said, "Money management is the only strategy to survive in this crazy, stupid, and doped financial world market." Yet, it might take a significant amount of your time to plan it.

Now, for just a $59 investment, you gain access to an equivalent of hiring a Superhuman Financial Expert 24/7, tirelessly working for you. They manage your finances, generate timely financial reports, remind you of your financial standing, and cultivate your financial habits. You'll immediately step into a realm where your financial well-being is expertly handled.