Notion LiFE RPG Social Image
Notion LiFE RPG Social Image

Gamify your Success, Level Up in LiFE!

Welcome to Life RPG! Every day is a new level, and you’re the hero of your own epic story!

Life RPG is a groundbreaking game that reimagines life’s journey as an immersive role-playing game. Focusing on leveraging gamification to making self-improvement and the achievement of life goals not just achievable but fun.


  • Create an Account: Setup in 5 mins, NO time wasted.

  • Character Identity: Evaluate and improve your life performance with insightful metrics.

  • Activity Log: Review your daily actions, a unique diary style.

  • Settings: Say goodbye to the complexity of Notion databases.

  • Daily Journal & Mood Energy Tracker

  • Premium Habit Tracker: “Growth” your good habits, “Fight” your bad habits.

  • Habit objective tracking: Track your Improvement Goals

  • Project Management: Complete game stages and quests

  • Brain Dump: Capture your thoughts anytime, anywhere.

  • Reward System: Spend coins in the Market, Hotel & Black Market.

  • Vision Board: Define your character's vision and ideal life.

  • Community (unstable): Built-in chat for sharing progress, daily life, and making new friends.

  • Mobile version: Level up in anywhere.

  • Theme: Default , Minimal (Compatible with Light and Dark Mode)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - What's Next?
Check out LiFE RPG's Roadmap, discover and upvote upcoming features.

Q - Do I need to pay for any updates?
No, once you purchase LiFE RPG, you'll receive lifetime updates, even if the price increases in the future.

Q - Do I have to pay for the Notion paid plan?
No, this template's design and functionality are compatible with the Notion free plan. You can use our template with a free account.

Q - Can I get a refund?
Given the inherent characteristics of digital products, all sales are deemed final and non-refundable.

Q - Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out to...


Twitter: @heyalbert_co

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